malware is a malicious script,s/w,code or s/w which is specifically designed to dispute,damage or gain unauthorized access to a network / computer system or a computing device.
types of malware
⦁ virus
⦁ worm
⦁ Trojan
⦁ rootkit
⦁ adware
⦁ spyware
⦁ key logger
⦁ ransomware

virus is an actively infections ,computer program that may dispute the normal working of your computer.
virus has a property to replicate itself and spread itself from one computer to another computer.
virus attaches itself to files stored on floppy disks, USB, email, attachment and hard disks.
a file con-cat a virus is called infected file.
if this file is copied to a computer virus is also copied to the computer.

top virus
⦁ a jervsalem (also know as blackbox) 1987 execute only 13
⦁ Michelangelo 1991
⦁ storm worm Jan 2007
⦁ sobig 2003
⦁ Melissa 1999
⦁ code red > Friday 13 2001 (show hack by Chinese)
⦁ nimda
⦁ i love you (also know as vbs/love letter or love bug worm) 2000
⦁ Morris worm (also know as great worm)

reason for virus creation

1. to take control of a computer and use it for specific tasks.
2. to generate money.
3. distributed political messages.
4. to steal sensitive information (credit card number , password , personal details , data)
5. for revenge purpose.
6. cyber terrorism
7. play prank

write once read many
⦁ a program that replicates itself and destroy data and files on the computer.
⦁ worm are standalone software and do not require a host program or human help to propagate.
⦁ worm utilize network to send copies of original code to other computers, causing harm by consuming bandwidth or possibly deleting files or sending documents via email.

⦁ A Trojan horse or Trojan is a program containing malicious or harmful code.
⦁ entering a computer , it perform various tasks like corrupting files and sending out personal info.
⦁ hidden piece of code which is intended to leak your information.
⦁ these actions can include detecting data.
⦁ blocking data.
⦁ modifying data
⦁ copying data
⦁ disrupting the performance of computer or computer network
⦁ unlike computer viruses and worms,Trojan are not able to self-replicate.

purpose of Trojan creation

1. crashing the computer system
2. data corruption
3. formatting disks, destroying all contents
4. financial theft such as password and payment card info.
5. modification or deleting of files.
6. key stroke logging
7. watching the user screen
8. viewing the user webcam
9. controlling the computer system remotely
10. a hidden backdoor entry to computing device that bypasses security measures such as login password protection.
11. entering a protected system using a password can be described as going through the front door. companies may build “backdoor” into their system.
however , so that developers can bypass authentication and dive right into the program. backdoor are usually secret but may be exploited by hackers if
they are revealed or discovered.

⦁ A botnet is group of computer controlled without their owners knowledge and used to send spam (e.g. mails and message) or make denial of service attacks.
⦁ a botnet , also know as zombie army, is a group of computers controlled without their owner’s knowledge.
⦁ botnet are used to send spam or make denial of service attacks
⦁ having control over hundreds or thousands of computers lets bad actors perform certain types of cyber attack, such as a DDOS.

⦁ A rootkit is a set of software program used to gain administration – level (admin – level) access to system.
⦁ a rootkit is a particular type of malware that lives deep in your system and is activated each time you boot it up, even before your operating system starts. this makes rootkits hard to detect, persistent and able to capture practically all data on the infected computer.

The term adware is frequently used to describe a form of malware ( malicious software) which present unwanted advertisement to the user of computer. the advertisement produced by adware are sometimes in the form of a pop-up or something unclosable window.

Programs that observe the computer users activities without their content and report it to the software author is called spyware.

Record everything you type on your PC in order to gain your login names, password and other sensitive info . and send it on the source of the key wagging program .

⦁ Ransomware is a type of malicious software from crypto virology that threatens to publish the victim’s data or perpetually block access to it unless a ransomware is paid.
⦁ bitcoin is a crypto currency and a digital payment system are used for the ransoms.

⦁ Get a anti-virus scanner of the higher quality and keep it up to date.
⦁ install a firewall to prevent hackers from entering the user system.
⦁ educate user to avoid opening files, sites , attachments etc.
⦁ in window do not open questionable files extensions as exe , ubs , bat.
⦁ scan each and every software files, tool on “”


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